Leaf River Sufers

Bowie River

Leaf River

Paddling time    8-10 hours

Trip length        13 miles

Trip 2 Hwy 590 to Monroe Rd.( Eastabuchie)

Paddling time  3-5 hours

Trip 1  Hwy 588 to Hwy 590

Leaf River

There are several good rapids with a couple of 2-3 foot drops. High bluffs and dense forests much of the way. Long day trip or camp overnight at a private camping spot. There is also a cabin available to rent.

Trip 1

Trip 2 Sr. 589 to US Hwy 49

The numerous large sandbars in the first five miles are replaced with high soapstone banks and some bluffs as the trip progresses. There is one fun place with a 2-3 ft. drop towards the end. A “tricky” put in and a couple logjams make this a good trip for the adventurous paddler.

Trip length - 10 ˝ miles

Paddling time- 6-8 hours

Paddling time    5 leisurely hours

Trip length        6.5 miles

Extra added attraction – Mac’s Fish Camp right around the bend – good food and they let people in right off the river!

Red Creek

Trip length        6 miles

Paddling time    3-4 hours

Red Creek (Near Wiggins, MS)

Trip 1 Hwy 26 to Hwy 49

Lots of twists and turns - riffles and fast places make for an interesting trip. Cool, clear tributaries and springs provide relief on hot summer days. Large white sandbars appear in the last half of trip just in time to take a rest.

Trip length        9.5 miles

Paddling time    4-7 hours

Trip 2 Hwy 49-City Bridge

Sandbars larger and more numerous – shallow water, sandy bottom, good current.Good trip for novices and families.

Begin at Lux Bridge on Okatoma Creek – paddle 1.5 miles to confluence with the Bowie , another 5 miles to the take out at bridge on Peps Point Rd. Meanders enough to make trip interesting – some sandbars for picnicking and rest stops. Little development and very few people make for a good wilderness experience.



Bouie River
Leaf River WaterFall

Good ramps make for easy put in and take out. Easy trip with good current and many sandbars. Good trip for families with kids and/or grandparents.

Trip length        7 miles

Photo By Ernest Herndon

Leaf River Trip

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